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Chad Francis, CPA, CFE

Senior Manager

EY’s Forensic & Integrity Services

Chad Francis, CPA, CFE, is a Senior Manager in EY’s Forensic & Integrity Services practice in Dallas, Texas. Chad specializes in conducting complex

investigations concerning fraud and other sensitive matters, often stemming from government enforcement or whistleblower allegations.

For the last five years, his primary focus has been in the sanctions and export control space, conducting investigations and assessing compliance programs across the world. That work frequently brought him to China and Russia as those regions became more and more of a focal point. Chad also serves in expert consulting roles in legal matters arising from M&A transactions, class actions, and contract disputes.

Chad utilizes a combination of forensic data analysis and traditional investigation techniques to assist companies and legal counsel all around the world. He has conducted on-the-ground investigations in over 20 countries across five continents and has led teams operating in many more. Chad is experienced in managing large, multi- dimensional projects that require coordination across many parts of an organization and involve 100+ professionals. Chad serves as a guest lecturer at universities on topics related to fraud investigation, and he also presents on related topics at industry conferences.

Product Type

ACPEN Fraud - Micro-Credential Program

Total Credits: 19.6 including 16 Auditing- Technical, .5 Accounting (Governmental) - Technical, 1 Auditing (Governmental) - Technical, 2 Regulatory Ethics - Technical

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